From a workshop on The Extended Mind and related topics in Sydney, November 29-30, 2004.

Gerard O'Brien and Andy Clark

Jenann Ismael and Tim Bayne

Mark Rowlands and Richard Menary

With Pepa Toribio at the Kings Cross fountain

Christoph Hoerl, Jeanette Kennett, Steve Matthews, John Sutton

Peter Menzies and Tim Bayne

Huw Price, Pepa, Andy

Walking through the Domain

David Simpson, Pamela Lyon, Pepa Toribio, Karola Stotz, Paul Griffiths

Elisabeth Pacherie, Jerome Dokic, et al

Karola and Pepa

Dinner by the harbor: Doris McIlwain, Rob Wilson, Mark, Andy


With Andy at Otto's Extended Mind Cafe

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