From a workshop on Consciousness and Semantic Externalism at NYU (co-organized with NYU Abu Dhabi), May 2017

Kati Balog on metaphysical gridlock

Gabe Rabin on twin-earthing qualia terms

Torin Alter on externalism about phenomenal concepts

Gabe has a question

Jon Simon, Неdda Мørсh, Gabe Rabin, E.J. Green, Janet Levin, Benj Hellie, Claudia, Alex Byrne and Torin Alter

Jon too

Derek, Benj and Torin

Torin, Jon, Benj, Gabe, E.J. and Неdda

Janet Levin on representationalism

Alex Byrne

Susanna Schellenberg, Derek, Kati, and Gabe

David Rosenthal and Howard Robinson

Benj Hellie and Barry Loewer

Janet and Jon

Неdda, Gabe, Torin and Derek

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