Family photos

Christmas 1974?: With Jenny Brack, Mike, and Helen

Melbourne 1975: With Matt, Mike, John, Helen, Anna Funder

With my first Apple II+ in 1981

Mike (brother), Alex (mother), me, Dad, Matt (brother), Alison (Mike's wife), Helen (sister), John (brother) [before Mike's wedding, Adelaide, 1997]

With Mum, Helen, John, Alex

Dad [in Tucson, 1999]

Helen [in London, 2001]

Matt and Helen (and London rain)

Matt, Samuel, Lynne

Mr. Samuel

Tom, Alison, Mike, Rachel [Adelaide, 2003]

Once more with tongues

With Rachel

Tom and Spiderman


With John and Mike

Dad and Alex [Sydney, 2003]

With Dad

With Alex

With Mum

Jim and Helen, pre-wedding [Adelaide, 2004]

Family on wedding day

Nathan and Daniel

With Nathan

Tom battling a Ninja (taken by Rachel!)

Tom, Mum, Rachel

Tom, Mum, Rachel

Family at Palm Beach

Claudia's family in Rio

Sonia and Firmino's golden wedding

Dad turns 80, with his stops along the way

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