Photos from my 50th birthday party in the Hudson valley, April 2016

Claudia's CTW cake

Ned Block and Eric Mandelbaum

Howard Robinson et al on the deck

Hartry Field and Branden Fitelson

Henry Jackman and Claudia

Rob Hopkins and John Richardson

I told my siblings not to do this!


Elliot Paul and Lisa Kerr


Tim Maudlin and Julia Wrigley

Eric Mandelbaum and Susanna Schellenberg


Molly and pal

Vishnya Maudlin and YY

Paul Horwich and Sammy

Claudia and Barbara Montero

Molly and Eric


With Claudia and Dad

Lisa and Elliot

Alex, Ned, and Susan Carey

Jonathan Schaffer and Sarah Blumenthal

Jonathan and Johnny

David Barnett

50 candles

Johnny and Zara





Adam Pautz and Audrey

Mark Mitton up to his tricks

Mark and Audrey

Daniel Kehlmann and Adam

Claudia with Nancy Brooks and Derk Pereboom

Maria and Darwin Gonzalez

Claudia, Chris Peacocke, Cian Dorr

Family shot: Matt, Mike, Tom, Lynne, Morgan, Rachel, Alison, Helen

Anne, Daniel, and YY

Elliot and Lisa


Johnny and Zara

Martin Lin, Sophia Powers, Henry Jackman

Susan Schneider and Hartry Field


Audrey and Adam

Mark's magic

With Susanna and Chris

Ezra and Susanna

With David Barnett

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