From a conference on Consciousness and Intentionality at the Villa la Pietra in Florence, June 21-23, 2004.

Gardens of the Villa la Pietra

Benj Hellie and Jessica Wilson

Aaron Zimmerman and Kira Goldberg (pre-proposal)

Gideon Rosen and family

Mike Martin, Veronique Munoz-Darde, and lemons

Watching a play in the gardens

Jim Pryor and Alex Byrne

Dale Jamieson, Jesse Prinz, Rachel Bernstein, Ned Block

Chris Peacocke

David Velleman and Beatrice Longuenesse

Bob van Gulick and Bob Stalnaker

Photo by the Duomo

Charles Siewert on the Ponte Vecchio

The Arno in late afternoon

Dinnertime: With Michael, Benj, Susanna, Alex, Liz, Bob

Upstairs and Downstairs

Michael Tye, Liz Harman, and gelati

Bob van Gulick and Alex Byrne

Florence by night

Scott Sturgeon, Sascha, Maja Spener

Group photo

Villa in the morning

More photos from the conference are available here.

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