Photos from my 40th birthday party, at the home of Susanna Siegel and Bernard Nickel in Cambridge, Mass (April 2006)

Scott Sturgeon and Maja Spener

Ned Block, Susanna Siegel, Zoe Siegelnickel

Rae Langton, Richard Holton, Eleanor, Natalie, Zoe, Bernard Nickel

Cheryl Chen, Ben, Sean Kelly

Nancy and Derk Pereboom, Eleanor, Marilyn

Casey O'Callaghan, Cara Spencer, Evie

Geoff Pullum and Barbara Scholz

Benj Hellie and Jessica Wilson

James and Charles Siewert

Liz Camp, Jason Stanley, Susanna Siegel

Amie Thomasson and Adina Roskies

Alex Byrne, Susan Carey, Jason Stanley

Scott Hendricks and Bernard Nickel

Dan Fireside and Super Turtle Girl (Lisa Rivera in background)

Chris Hill, Lee, Amie, Jessica

Rae Langton, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Sean Kelly

Eleanor, Eleanor, Marilyn, Natalie

PGS and wine

Benj and sense-data


E-mailing with Zoe

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