Photos from a Life, the Universe and Everything party, held on the occasion of my 42nd birthday, in April 2008

The Answer

Zaphod under construction

Preparing Gargleblasters

The clones of Lintilla: Fiona Macpherson, Berit Brogaard, Holly-Lawford Smith

Another Lintilla (Becky)

42 boys: Joe Salerno, Patrick Greenough, Declan Smithies

Zaphod Beeblebrox with two of the Lintilla clones

Bowl of petunias (Wolfgang Schwarz) with the Infinite Improbability Drive that brought him into existence (Al Hájek)

Gargleblasters in action: with Joe, Fiona, etc

Gargleblasters 2: with Patrick, Joe, Daniel Stoljar

Gargleblasters 3: with Berit, Luca Moretti, etc

Daniel Star as Slartibartfast

Franky and Benjy Mouse (Weng Hong Tang and Jens Christian Bjerring)

Stuart Crutchfield as Marvin the Paranoid Android

Arthur Dent (Renee Hájek) with mouse (Lina Eriksson)

A diner (Jeanette Kennett) and a waiter (Steve Matthews) at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

The Women in Black: XX, Gwen, Vivian

Joe Salerno with Wonko the Sane (Bob Meyer)

Leon Leontyev, with towel

Marvin (Kirsty Douglas) with whale (Brett Calcott)

The Universe (Carl Brusse), Zaphod, and Simone Ramspoth with towel

Tamsin XX and Jonathan Farrell, with Marvin

Brian Rabern, Kelvin McQueen, Berit

The Meyers (Bobi, Bob, Dorothy) with Zaphod

Jenny Beard, JC, and Mike Bruno as Arthur Dent

John Saldin

Marvin with the Lintillas

Gwen and Luca

Kirsty and Carl

Berit and her poster

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