From a conference on Consciousness and the Self, held at California State University Fullerton April 29-30, 2009.

Fred Dretske in action

Alex Byrne knowing what he wants

Eric Schwitzgebel and Doug Dean

Bert Baumgaertner and Jesse Prinz

Sandra Woloschuk and Pamela Chui

Amy Coplan and Brian Keeley

Peter Ross and Amy Kind

Janet Levin and David Pitt

Craig Ihara and Mitch Avila

Heidi Carter, Kelsey Fernandez, Cary Haun

UC Irvine Anteaters: Aaron Griffith, Mark Fiocco, Sven Bernecker

UC Davis crew: Bert Baumgaertner, Michael Trestman, Emily Barranco, Bernard Molyneux.

USC crew: Brittany Furbush, Sofanit Berhane, Janet Levin

Fred Dretske and XX

XX and Alex Byrne

Jesse Prinz and JeeLoo Liu

Emily Lee and Amy Coplan

Brent Boos, Alis Rabet, Mimi Vong

ABBA: Angie (Harris), Berit Brogaard, Anya (Farennikova)

Alumni session: Brent Boos and Nathan Lujan

Audience at wrap-up talk

Shana Mirambeau and Eliza Ebro

Peter Kung and Heather Battaly

Sydney Shoemaker and Fred Dretske

David Pitt and David Woodruff Smith

Alex Byrne and Charles Siewert

Farzad Mozafarzadeh

Amy Coplan and Cary Haun arguing over Blade Runner

With Mimi Vong and Pam Chui, conference organizers

High fives: Eric, Angie, Berit, Jesse


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