From a week-long cruise devoted to Consciousness and Free Wil off the west coast of Greenland in June 2014, organized by the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

Arriving in Kangerlussuaq

Nancy Brooks and Derk Pereboom in Kangerlussuaq

Philosophers charter a plane from Kangerlussuaq to Aasiaat

Somewhere over west Greenland

Arriving in Aasiaat

Bootleg copy of Dan's secret program

Russians on the rocks

Zodiac briefing

Paul and Dan

Pat Churchland in her polar bear beanie

First iceberg! With Alexa Morcom

On Disko island, overlooking Disko fjord

Jesse Prinz

Pat Churchland

Andy and Alexa over Disko Fjord

Guns'n'roses: Toke with his polar bear protection gun, Rachel photographing greenland flora

Russian snowball fight!

Pat and Dan

Martine spies something

Masha Ananina and Nick Humphrey

Keith quining qualia

Dmitry Volkov and Bob Howell

Extended minds

Claudia and Martine

Hard at work

Bob and Dan


Negotiating icebergs

With Dmitry

Mo and Keith

Artem Besedin, Anna Kostikova and Andrey Mertsalov

With Derk

Eugene finds a phone signal

Paul Churchland

With Claudia

Windy interview: with Anton Kuznetsov, Eugene Loginov, Artem Besedin and Mary Trofimova

Anna and Mary

Hoisting the sails

More sail-hoisting

With Susan Dennett

Nancy, Pat and Paul

Paul refuting me

Happy birthday Jesse!

Trapped by icebergs near Ilulissat

Andy and Alexa

Concept cover for Dmitry's book on Dan

Marooned by icebergs near Illulisat

Andrey and Pat

Anna and Derk

Dmitry finds a phone signal and calls Vadim Vasilyev

Anton, Nick and Mary

Dmitry and Anna

With Martine

Keith Frankish and Maria Kasmirli


Oqaitsut/Rodebay village

This iceberg wasn't small

Derk and Nancy

Philip getting hungry

Abraham Lincoln or Paul Churchland?

Claudia at the helm

Route planning

Nick, Martine, Dan and Philip

The single rainy day of the trip, in Qeqertarsuaq


Huskies and icebergs in Qeqertarsuaq

Finding out about Inuit philosophy in Qeqertarsuaq from a local expert

The shopkeeper tells me that the expert Inuit philosopher has things all wrong

Dan confronts the Cartesian theatre

Climbing the basalt columns in Kuanit

Nick Humphrey

With Claudia

Russian photobombing



Philip expounds Russellian Monism

With Claudia

End of conference poll

Consciousness poll breakdown

Free will poll breakdown

Masha Ananina and Anna Valeryevna


Angelina asks probing questions about introspection

Dmitry gets his end-of-conference certificate

Susan receives her end-of-conference certificate

Celebration with the Russian students

Dualist/panpsychist cabal: vive la revolution!

Dan and Nick playing their n-th game of frigatebird

Anna and Anton

Mikhail playing soulful Russian music

Maria and Keith interviewed about life as a philosophy couple

Mo interviews Nick about the Nickolodeon theory of consciousness

Midnight sun in Aasiatt

Journey map

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