Grounding and Consciousness at NYU’s Villa Petri in Florence, Italy August 06-09, 2017

Entrance to Villa La Pietra

Martine has a question

Geoff Lee and Andreas Ditter in the lemon garden

Roberto Loss and Tobias Wilsch

Jon Simon and Erica Shumener

Andrew Lee and Rob Long

Hellie and Wilson respond to Diehl and Vogt on Wilson and Hellie on the semantic defectiveness of 'consciousness' and 'grounding'

Geoff and Benj

Darragh Byrne and Naomi Thompson

Claudia on the Arno

Jessica and Benj


Stephan Leuenberger on cross-family scrutability

Неdda Мørсh on phenomenal powers

Jonathan Schaffer and Ezra

In a twist, Luke Skywalker cuts off Darth Vader's hand

Rob Long

Claudia over Florence

Jonathan Schaffer, Sarah Blumenthal and Ezra

Adam Lovett and Ralf Bader

Erica Shumener and Tobias Wilsch



Adam and Catharine

Sarah and Claudia

Gabe Rabin and Giovanni Merlo

Andrew, Andreas and Erica

Benj, Geoff and Jon

Martin Glazier, Roberto Loss, and Julio de Rizzo

Roberto, Julio, and Lisa Vogt

Ruth Chang, Andreas Ditter, Jenny Judge and Chris Peacocke

Kit Fine, Catharine Diehl, Ralf Bader, Lisa Vogt, and Annina Loets

Giovanni Merlo

Roberto objects

Catharine and Adam

Annina, Rob and Ralf

Martine Nida-Rümelin

Martine and Kit

Naomi and Darragh

Giovanni and Tobias


Adam and Darragh

With Martine, Claudia, Benj and Jessica

Claudia, Darragh and Naomi

Неdda and Claudia

Album cover

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