Photos from a Philosophical Halloween Party, October 2015.

Comtesse de Boufflers with David Hume (Frances and Don Garrett)

Liars (Joel Hamkins and Hartry Field)

Two present kings of France (one of them is bald): Arden Koehler, Annette Martin

Diode (Erik Hoel), inverted spectrum (Gary Marcus), Mary (Julia Buntaine), synesthesia (Carol Steen)

Ezra the dinosaur, with Susanna Schellenberg

Michael Fara and Delia Graff Fara

Rutgers halloween crew: Eddy Chen, Lisa Miracchi, Veronique Gomez

Plus and quus! (Erica Shumener and Martín Abreu Zavaleta)

Zee Perry, Jeremy Goodman, Cian Dorr, Anja Keister

Annie Bao

With Deepak Chopra (as genuine fraud) and Suna Said

Slash and Axl! (Eli Alshanetsky)

Thomson's violinist

Sleeping beauty and Sleeping ugly (Mala Chatterjee and Daniel Hoek)

Inverted spectrum couple (Tim and Vishnya Maudlin)

Wizard making Newcomb predictions

Newcombian prediction in action

Vishnya one-boxes for the $5 win

Costume prize winner: Zee Perry as the NYU philosophy building (complete with nonfunctional door handles)

Hesperus/Phosphorus (Antonella Mallozzi), Paul Boghossian, and evening sky

Henry Jackman

Elise Crull

Annette Martin and Nathan Pensler

Four missing shades of blue

Barbara Montero and Joanna Smolenski

Dan Waxman limbos under the violinist tube

Dangerously low violinist limbo

Matthew Liao

Gettier case!

Eric Mandelbaum, Alex Kind, Dmitri Gallow

Missing shades of pink and purple (Asya Passinsky, Chelsea Rosenthal, Nic Bommarito)

Michaela McSweeney and Erica Shumener

Arden Koehler

Erik Hoel and Julia Buntaine

Mala Chatterjee and Ben Holguin

Monique Whitaker and Tommy Kivatinos

Paul Boghossian, Sari Kisilevsky, Henry Jackman and Jane Friedman

Toting up the newcomb scores: 36 of my 53 two-box predictions were correct; 13 of my 17 one-box predictions were correct. so the 40 2-boxers averaged $1.50 each (36*1 + 4*6) while the 30 1-boxers averaged $2.17 each (17*0 + 13*5). 1-boxers win!

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