Photos from a conference on Happiness and its Causes, held at the Sydney Convention Centre on May 8-9, 2008.

Dan Gilbert and Matthieu Ricard

Richie Davidson and Tal Ben-Shahir

Alan Wallace and Natasha Mitchell

Tenzin Palmo

Panel on money and happiness: Effie Zahos, Clive Hamilton, Chris Cuffe, Arun Abey, Bernadette Bolger

Altruism panel: Norman Swan, Tenzin Palmo, Stephen Post, Charlie Teo, Bill Crews

Steve Biddulph

Happiness bookshop

Signing books with Wendy Harmer

Gyuto monks creating a sand mandala

Happiness stall

Marty Seligman and kids

Mitch Wall and Hayley Bester

Paul Wilson, Wendie Batho, Petrea King, Therese Fitzgerald

Stephen Post and Arun Abey

With Matthieu Ricard

Dan and Marilynn Gilbert

Bill Crews and Tenzin Palmo

Charlie and Genevieve Teo

Tal Ben-Shahir and Tony Steel

Therese and Gwen Fitzgerald

With Peter Boord and Mitch Wall

Matthieu Ricard with his photos

Happiness dancing

Darling Harbour


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