From the 2015 Toward a Science of Consciousness conference, held at the University of Helsinki from June 9-13, 2015

Helsinki tram

Conference hall

With Kelvin McQueen and Schrodinger's kitty

Reception in city hall

With Pat Churchland

With Stuart Hameroff

Pat and Stuart

Philip Goff speaking from the throne

Panel on structuralism and consciousness, with James Ladyman, Bill Seager, and Philip Goff

Pat Churchland's keynote

Pat on metaphysics

Symposium on phenomenal concepts with Esa Díaz-León, Benedicte Veillet, Assaf Weksler and Helen Yetter-Chappell

Tony Cheng and Claudia

Bill Seager, Kelvin McQueen and Неdda Нaѕѕеl Мørсh

Latasha Day

Youngest presenter at the conference!

Panu Raatikainen

The Ukrainean contingent

Rafal Rzepka and Aida Raoult

Co-consciousness with Greg Miller and Неdda

Renee Bleau

Artem Besedin on Derk Pereboom on free will

Susan Blackmore


Sue Blackmore reliving her youth

Deepak Chopra

Metaphysics panelists Alyssa Ney, David Papineau and John Heil

Conference dinner: Tuomas Tahko and Donnchadh O'Conaill

Alyssa and Pat

Jenny Windt and Philip Goff

Ron Chrisley, Rocco Gennaro and Paavo Pylkkanen

Daniel Leafe

Panpsychism and cosmoholism

Rafi Malach

With Max Velmans

Max and Uzi Awret

Jussi Haukioja

Naotsugu Tsuchiya and Antti Revonsuo

Kelvin McQueen

Claudia, John Heil, Tuomas Tahko and Jenny Windt

Kelvin meets his Ph.D examiner

Sam Hameroff, Gino Yu and Stuart Hameroff

With Rafal Rzepka

Anand Vaidya

With Anand

Jason Canfield, Sascha Seifert and Nick Day

Gabe Rabin and Holger Thiel

Paavo and Rocco

Benedicte Veillet, Astrid Schomaker and Donnchadh O'Conaill

Rafi and Uzi

Jonathan Schooler

Sue Blackmore and friends, performing

With Anand Vaidya, Claudia and Philip L'Hommedieu

Nick and Stuart

Poetry slam finalists

Zombie blues with Philip L'Hommedieu

Ghostly blues with Philip Goff

With Jonathan Schooler

Claudia on infant consciousness

Final panel: are we ready for the science of consciousness? With James Ladyman, Stuart Hameroff, Pat Churchland, Susan Blackmore, Antti Revonsuo

Jonathan gets transcranial ultrasound

Sue recovering from transcranial ultrasound

With Kelvin McQueen

Jonathan Farrell and Kelvin McQueen

Derek Brown and Jonathan



Kelvin and Jonathan

With Claudia

On the boat to Stockholm


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