From the Toward a Science of Consciousness 2009 conference, held in Hong Kong on June 11-14, 2009.

Hong Kong by night

Susan Greenfield and Gino Yu

Stuart Hameroff and Anirban Bandyopadhyay

Jeff Warren and Victor Lamme

Wolf Singer

Itay Shani and Amir Horowitz

XX and Marilyn Schlitz

Lion consciousness

Carsten Hansen and Anders Strand

Allan and Julie Combs

Ingrid Fredriksson and Jennifer Kanary Nikolova

XX, Vitor Manuel Dinis Pereira, Qishi Li, Kelly Inglis

Fabrice Bothereau, Roy Perrett, Nico Silins

Hugo de Garis and Stuart Hameroff

Purple people

Jeff Warren's head trip

Ben Goertzel on machine consciousness

Ben Young on stinking consciousness

Ana Iribas in self-hypnosis

Ball consciousness: Ornella Corazza and Luis Girao

Music therapy: Alexander Graur

Painting consciousness: Sam and Stu Hameroff

Ovid Tzeng

Sridalu and Jeff Warren

Michael Gaio and Chelsea Liggatt

Greg Garvey and XX

George Baciu and Martha Curtis

Mac Shine and Glenys McLaughlin

Jorge Goncalves and Nikolay Voronov

Gino Yu and family

Jessica Ratcliff


Jonathan Schooler and Uzi Awret

Alex Parkes and Gino Yu

Debby Denno and Sascha Fink

XX and YY

XX, Hakwan Lau, Henrik Ehrsson

XX and Yoshi Nakamura

With Tonietta Walters

Zombie Blues

Parrot consciousness

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