From the Jack Smart Lecture (by Brian Skyrms) and surrounding festivities, held on July 22, 2008.

Brian Skyrms, Steffi Lewis, Jack Smart

Group photo


Jack Smart, Rachael Briggs, Barak Krakauer, Amy Rose Deal, et al

Bill Fish and Kati Farkas

With Grant Reaber, Heather Logue, et al

Brian in action

Kim Sterelny

Lina Eriksson et al

Audience interaction

Steffi Lewis and Hannes Leitgeb

Liz Smart and XX

Al Hájek and Alex Byrne

Susanna Schellenberg, Bill Fish, Heather Logue

Boris Kment

Daniel Stoljar and Geoff Brennan

John Matthewson, John Cusbert, Weng Hong Tang

Wolfgang Schwarz and Angela Mendelovici

With Aidan Lyon and iPhones

Di Crosse and presents

With Susanna Schellenberg and Carole Hooven

Brian and Jack

Bill Fish and Kati Farkas

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