From the Intentionality at the Beach workshop at the Kioloa coastal campus (ANU).

Kangaroo-directed intentionality Claudia

Beach-directed intentionality Jon Simon and Julia Staffel

Water-directed intentionality Colin Klein

Colin-directed intentionality Heather Alexander, Claudia, Jon Simon, and Colin Klein

First-order visual intentionality with David Pitt

More Colin-directed intentionality Heather Alexander, Julia Staffel, David Pitt and Philippe Chuard

Manya Raman and Lilja Rose

Sharon Berry and Anya Farennikova

With Claudia and Julia

Anya Farennikova and Susan Schneider

Dandan Zhang and Alex Sandgren

Susan on physicalism and mathematics

Howard Robinson in repose


Sharon Berry, Aurelian Tonneau, Howard Robinson and Yoaav Isaacs

Anya on absences

David Pitt

Jon and Heather


Manya and Lilja Rose

With Lilja Rose

Howard, Susan, Claudia, Lilja Rose and Manya

David Pitt, Jon Simon, Joe Gottlieb

Heather and Jon

Daniel Gregory and Lilja Rose

With Claudia

Claudia, David, Heather and Jon


Rest stop

Alma Barner on imagination, with Johannes Himmelreich and Pr Sundstrm

Philippe Chuard on temporal extension

Asking Philippe a question

David ostends absolute left and right

Aurelien Tonneau, Brentyn Ramm and Daniel Gregory

With Johannes and Pr

Melissa Schumacher

With Howard


Melissa, Susan, Jon, Claudia and Heather

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