Crossing the seven bridges of Königsberg (Kaliningrad, June 2012)

First bridge -- the Reichsbahnbrücke

One down, six to go!

Walking to second bridge -- Karina thinks am crazy at this point, says we should drive, I say that's breaking the rules!

Anzhalika Dubasava and Karina Baral at bridge #2 (new version of the old Grüne Brücke)

Two down, five to go!

K&A on bridge #3 -- new version of the old Krämerbrucke

Three down!

En route to bridge #4, passing the cathedral

On bridge #4 -- the Holzbrücke (one of the almost-originals)

Four down!

Trekking down the Pregel to bridge #5

En route to #5 -- the area getting a bit seedy at this point

A&K crossing #5 -- the old Hohebrucke

Five down! (I think Karina is phoning the authorities.)

Approaching bridge #6

A&K at bridge #6 -- the new Kaiserbrücke (one of two bridges in locations that had no bridge in Euler's time, along with bridge #1)

Six down!

Food break before the final push -- people getting hungry and thirsty

On bridge #7 -- the old Honigsbrücke (Honey bridge)

Did the impossible!


The seven bridges team

Kant's grave (on the island not far from the Honey bridge, at the culmination of the route)

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