From a visit to Oxford to give the John Locke Lectures in May-June 2010.

With John Hawthorne and Peter Momtchiloff

Audience: Nick Shea, Ant Eagle, Cian Dorr, Maja Spener, Scott Sturgeon, et al

Reception: Simon Saunders, Anita Avramides, Nick Shea, Roger Crisp, Tim Williamson, et al

James Morauta, Iwao Hirose, James Knight

Corine Besson and Ana Mladenovic-Williamson

Scott Sturgeon and Maja Spener

Jessica Moss and Cian Dorr

With Sascha Spener-Sturgeon and iPad

Lecture 2 on Cosmoscopes

Aussie boys: Nic Southwood, Ant Eagle, et al

ANU reunion at Christ Church: Jan Burgers, Al Hájek, Asya Passinsky, Angela, Vid, Kelvin McQueen, Sarah

The founder

Dressed for dinner at All Souls

With Chase Masterson

All Souls dance party

John and cigarette

Tim Williamson

Ana, Tim, and the logic of conceivability


Pat Churchland and Richard Dawkins

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Owen Flanagan, Janet Radcliffe Richards

London iPhone cabal: David Bourget, Barry Smith, Matt Nudds

At the Tate Modern

With my parents after lecture 4

With Tim Bayne and Eric Mandelbaum

Les Clochards (featuring Peter Momtchiloff) at the Chester Arms

Clochards audience: Jess, Corine, Ant, Lizzie

With Corine, Jess, Cian, Anandi at the Chester Arms

Zoe Falk, Havi Carel, and kids

Susanna Siegel and Maja

With Nick Shea

Caitlin Cameron, punting

Scott and Fritz

Sascha and Bea

Diego Marconi and Marilena

Arno and Tim

Tiffany Stern and Ana

Arno, Dada Toskic, Frank Arntzenius

With Andrew Bacon, John Hawthorne, Jim Pryor

Reading boys: Alex Gregory, Chris Pulman, Phil Goff

Emma Borg and Jonathan Dancy

Dinner at St. Hilda's after lecture 6: with Anandi and Anita

Jessica Lee, Laura Delgado, Kate Vredenburgh

With Anne Aimola Davies and Martin Davies

Ian Phillips and Hanna Pickard

All Souls garden party: Alfie, John Vickers, and family

Philosophizing with Jamie et al

Daniel Rothschild and Amia Srinivasan


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