My father becomes an officer of L'Ordre National du Merite de la Republique Francaise (for services to Franco-Australian medical research) at the French Embassy in Canberra on Friday July 23, 2010.

Ambassador's speech: Alex, Dad, Ambassador, and Imogen looking on

Congrats from the Ambassador

Dad's speech


The family: with Helen, Mike, John, Matt, Dad, Alex

Extended family


with Dad

with Anna Funder and Helen

Dad with Anna and Craig's kids

Dad shows Polly his medal

Medal close up!

Mike and John at Water's Edge

Dani and John

Family lunch at the Ridgeway

Imogen, Helen, Dad, John

Helen and Dad

Alex and Max

Anna and Alison

Craig (who's responsible for many of the embassy photos)

Max and Anna

Tennis lesson: Helen, Craig, Imogen, Alison

John, Craig, Dad

Mike and Polly

Alison tries to steal my iPad

With Polly

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