From a conference on Metametaphysics: Do Ontological Questions Have Determinate Answers? at ANU, June 30 and July 1, 2005.

Steve Yablo and Ted Sider

John Bigelow and Robert Pargetter

Mike Bruno, Andy Egan, Susanna Rinard

Philipp Keller

Roy Perrett and David Wall

Huw Price, Renee Hájek, Al Hájek

Maikel Annalee and John Bigelow

Denis Robinson and Steve Yablo

Laura Schroeter and Ted Sider

Bob Meyer

Mark Colyvan and Bronwyn Finnigan

Nick Smith and Dan Marshall

Karen Downing and Di Crosse

Huw Price and Denis Robinson

Tasuke: With Amie, Ted, Karen, Josh

Josh Parsons doing the Holy Backwards E

Peter Lewis and Amie Thomasson doing the Sortal-Relative Backwards E ("Exists an F")

Karen Bennett doing the Perplexed Backwards E

Ted Sider and John Bigelow doing the Holy Upside-Down A

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