From a conference on Philosophical Methodology at ANU, July 19-22, 2005.

Philosophers from above (methodology: armchairs and alcohol)

Undergraduate workshop: Al Hájek in action

Frank Jackson in action

Steve Yablo and Michael Smith

Tim Williamson and Sally Haslanger

Havi Carel and Daniel Stoljar

Amie Thomasson and Ted Sider

Brendan Jackson and Philipp Keller

Jordi Fernandez and Peter Menzies

Toby Handfield and Al Hájek

John O'Dea and Nick Shea

Frank Jackson and Tim Williamson

Samir Okasha and Carl Brusse

Karen Bennett and Peter Godfrey-Smith

Dueling intuitions with Jacek Brzozowzki

Grasping concepts

More concept-grasping

Laurie Paul, Isaac Yablo, Aoife Healy, Kiyoshi Taylor

Claire Yoshida, Kiyoshi, Ken Taylor

Yablangers: Zina, Sally, Steve, Isaac

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