Photos from the NYU Mind and Language seminar on The Grounds of Intentionality, co-taught with Ted Sider in fall 2010.

Saul Kripke's session on the first person


Stephen has a question

Paul has a question

Ned has a question

Kit and Saul

David Sosa and Enrico Grube

Saul at dinner

Brian Rabern, Asya Passinsky and Eli Alshanetsky

Stalnaker/Stanley session

Rutgers crew: Will Starr, Gabe Greenberg, Josh Armstrong

With Bob and Jason

Block and Stalnaker!


Session on Rebecca Kukla and Mark Lance's 'Yo!' and 'Lo!'

Schiffer session: Robbie Williams has a question

Team Tucson: Scott Sturgeon and Stephen Schiffer

Andy Snyder and Robbie Williams


John Hawthorne session

Ted comments

Paul Boghossian

Hawthorne-Schiffer exchange (with photo-stitching) — John Hawthorne, Enrico Grube, Gabe Rabin, Anna Kollenberg, Nathan Bice, Tony Cheng, Branden Fitelson, Robbie Williams, Matt Moss and Stephen Schiffer

Robbie, Erica, and John

Ted Sider and John Hawthorne

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