From a conference on consciousness and thought at the University of Mississippi, April 27-30, 2014

Breaking into Faulkner's house in the middle of the night: Shaun Gallagher, Kati Balog, Janet Levin, Dave Beisecker, Michelle Montague, Mike Bruno, Torin Alter, Brie Gertler, Galen Strawson


Farid Masrour and Mike Bruno

On John and Marica Bernstein's farm

Kati Balog

Michelle Montague

John Bickle

Torin Alter

Mike Bruno, Torin Alter, Caroline Cooper and Berit Brogaard

Michael Tye and Paul Skokowski

Paul Skokowski

Berit and Michael

Ellen Fridland, Dave Beisecker and Neil Van Leeuwen

Donovan Wishon and XX

Jon Simon and Michael Tye

Murat Aydede and Neil Manson


Paul Skokowski and Neil Van Leeuwen

Marica Bernstein

With Eli Alshanatsky, Ellen Fridland, John Bickle, Mike Bruno and Jon Simon

Congratulations Dr. Bruno

Terry Horgan, John Tienson and Brie Gertler

David Papineau and Tom Polger

Janet Levin, Ellen Fridland, Michelle Montague and Kati Balog

Berit Brogaard and Rocco Gennaro

The compulsory "selfie with John Perry"

Perry discovers self-consciousness


Brie Gertler and John Tienson

Donovan Wishon and Murat Aydede

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