A visit to the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies on June 11-14, 2016

With Claudia on the parapet of the old Hotel Ukraina

The future is visible: With Anton Kuznetzov and Julia

St Basil's

With Anton outside the Hotel Metropol, where I stayed in 1982


With Artem Besedin at the Bolshoi theater

La Sylphide at the Bolshoi ballet

Vadim Vasilyev and family

Claudia on the sense of agency in newborns

In the Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

In the Tretyakov gallery

On Dmitry Volkov's yacht, with Julia and Anna Kostikova

Julia and Vadim

Artem Besedin

With Vadim and Vladimir

Our hotel

Toasts from Dmitry

Dmitry and Claudia

Presents! With Dmitry, Claudia, Vadim and Vladimir

One of Dmitry's many talents


Anton and Claudia


A long line of Moscow State University philosophers

Meeting with Dean Vladimir Mironov

Vladimir Mironov and his collection of philosophical owls

Pat Churchland was a big presence in Moscow

On top of the main MSU building (another of the "seven sisters")

Russian translation of The Conscious Mind, enjoying the view

Vadim and Dmitry

Viktor Sadovnichiy with his sculpture of the Yalta meeting

Nametags for summit meeting (Lomonosov in the background)

Climbing with Vadim

Exchanging gifts with Viktor Sadovnichy, the long-time head of Moscow State University

With Dmitry, Andrey and Vladimir

Audience for my talk on the hard problem

Vladimir, Dmitry and Andrey Veretennikov

With David Dubrovsky, Russian pioneer of functionalism

Dmitry and David

With hats

Anton and Claudia

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