Photos from a workshop on synesthesia followed by a multisensory party, in November 2010.

Berit Brogaard's talk

Larry Marks, Pat Duffy, Maureen Seaberg, Carol Steen, Berit Brogaard and Jon Simon

Pat Duffy and Larry Marks

Carter Eskew and Robbie Williams

Jim Pryor

View from my balcony

Night-time view

With the synesthetes: Carol Steen, Maureen Seaberg and Pat Duffy

Chelsea Rosenthal

Handing out miracle fruit pills: with Ophelia Deroy and Martin Lin

Alison Fernandes and Raamy Majeed

Steve Pyke

Berit Brogaard and Maria Brincker

Berit and Maria

Erica Shumener and Asya Passinsky

Multisensory socks

Scott Kaufman and Elliot Paul

Tamara Day and Elliot Paul

Daniel Leafe

Matt Moss and Justin Clarke-Doane

Raamy Majeed amd Ricki Bliss

With Henry Jackman

With Henry Jackman and Sari Kisilevsky

With Sari

Henry Jackman, Robbie Williams, Martin Lin and Sari Kisilevsky

Maria Brincker and Elliot Paul

Will Starr and Elliot Paul

Afterparty in Koreatown: With Berit Brogaard, Annie Bao, and Asya Passinsky

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