Photos from the NEH Summer Institute on Consciousness and Intentionality, held at UC Santa Cruz from June 24 to August 2, 2002.

Charles Siewert and Daniel Stoljar on the wharf

Bill Lycan playing pool at the Willey House

Beach party: Amy Kind, Frank Menetrez, et al

Scott Sturgeon and Chris Peacocke

Susanna Siegel and Jocelyn Hoy

Michelle Montague and Paula Droege

Galen Strawson and family at the boardwalk

Amy Kind handing out Giant Dipper tickets (to Cheryl Chen, Eric Schwitzgebel, Bill Robinson, Charles Siewert, Terry Horgan)

With John Hawthorne at Sea Cloud

Cara Spencer and Brie Gertler

Qualia freaks (and an ex-qualia freak): Frank Jackson, Galen Strawson, me, Joe Levine

Debbie Tollefsen and Nick Georgalis

Joe Levine, Barry Loewer, Martine Nida-RĂ¼melin, Brian Loar

Balloon volleyball at 3am: Sean Kelly, Aaron Zimmerman, York Gunther, John Hawthorne

Maja and Miata at Big Sur

Volleyball: Murat, Susanna, Cara, Aaron

With John Searle

James Siewert's birthday party (with Amy K., Leopold,Torin, Amie, Lisa, Scott, Charles

Bob Brandom and David Hoy

With Sean Kelly and Susan Hurley

International Men of Mystery: With Colin McGinn at the Mystery Spot

At the Mystery Spot: Maja, Cara, Colin, Casey, Torin, Cheryl, Sean, Becko, Bill, me, Paula, Amy K., Leopold, Nick, Steve

Casey and Brad at the Mystery Spot!

Farewell party: Cara, Becko, Alva, Sean, Cheryl

Farewell party: Amy S. and David P.

The Willeys: Scott, Sean, me, Leopold, Maja, Susanna, Cheryl, Charles

Group photo

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