NYU Events

Frank Jackson in the black-and-white(ish) room

Sarah-Jane Leslie on gender in the X-files (Mulder has ideas, Scully does the hard work)

Tom Nagel and David Papineau

Al Hàjek and Robbie Williams in Elliot Paul's seminar on creativity

Anthony Appiah's Reith lecture

Alva Noë and Gabrielle Starr debate "Can Neuroscience Explain Art?"

Berit Brogaard on perception and inference

Chelsea Rosenthal lunch talk on substantive and procedural moral oughts

Pat Churchland at the brain mapping conference

Brian Scholl and Gary Lupyan debate "Does Cognition Affect Perception"

Derek Parfit and Tom Nagel

Miranda Fricker on responsibility for implicit attitudes

Gideon Rosen on political anger

Peter Hacker on philosophical method

Jim Pryor's lunch talk on the merits of incoherence

Laura Franklin-Hall cuts her tenure cake

Неdda gets a medal from the king of Norway

Matthew Liao's inaugural lecture

Lisa Miracchi on what Hitchcock movies tell us about consciousness

Packed house for Kris McDaniel

Michael Lynch visits philosophy of technology seminar

Unreplicable debate on replicability with Brian Nosek and Jason Mitchell

Schifferfest -- with Ray Buchanan and Karen Lewis

Metaethics seminar with Sharon Street and Derek Parfit

Sharon, Derek, and Tom

Tom Nagel's lunch talk

Unconscious perception debate: Hakwan Lau, Megan Peters, Ian Phillips, Ned Block, Marisa Carrasco

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