Photos from Rio during the 2016 Olympic Games

With Claudia and Alan Hájek


First (and longest) line

Opening ceremony


Santos-Dumont's plane flew our way, then stopped under the roof.

With Claudia

With Al and Claudia

Metro queue after the opening ceremony

A pokemon disrupts the gymnastics qualifying.

Food in olympic park with Claudia's parents, Sonia and Firmino

At the first night of the swimming with Al

First Australian gold medal for men's 400m freestyle

Gold for australian 4*100 team

I wasn't expecting one of the swimmers to run into the stands next to me.

I thought this sign was saying something about the causal dependence of the physical on the psychological (or at least vice versa), until Claudia disabused me.

Beach volleyball at Copacabana

Monster block!

Zika virus cheersquad

With Al, Claudia and Irene Biasoli

Professor Hájek a little the worse for wear

With the temporary volleyball structure and a little too much sunblock

With Al and Claudia

Fencing men's foil gold medal match: Italian jedi vs American jedi

Our Hudson valley neighbors Jim and Sophie, supporting the US fencers

Tennis center (definitely our favorite venue in Olympic Park)

Venus and Serena playing doubles on court 1

More beach volleyball, this time with view from row Z

With Claudia and Sophie at beach volleyball after dark

Dutch cheersquad

Mary Magalhães, Karla Moreira and Márcio Ferreira and Cairo (XX) at the diving

The diving pool really was green.

Olympic nieces and nephew: Mary, Clara, Alice, XX

Accidental synchronization in men's all-around gymnastics final

Floor competition with sense data

Kohei Uchimura dismounts to win.

Celebration from the Japanese contingent.

Unexpected Australian lead in US-Australia basketball

KD strikes back.


More postmortems

OK, Simone Biles is really quite impressive.

Nervously waiting after Biles' final routine (that's them toward bottom left)

Incle Sam is unhappy.

With Claudia outside the Olympic Park nightclub

Inside the nightclub!

Philosophy olympics with Wilson Mendonca

Roberto Horácio Sá Pereira is skeptical

David Yates asks a question


Claudia's brothers Marcio and Leo at the handball

Australians out in force for the swimming

Cate Campbell in lane 4, slow off the blocks!

With Michael Phelps' wife Nicole and son Boomer (they were cool)

200m individual medley: Phelps in lane 4, holding off Ryan Lochte in lane 5

American medley relay team celebrates.

Australia takes silver (Kyle Chalmers on left!)

Cycling velodrome

Australian team about to enter pursuit

I grew fond of the guy leading the keirin.

Anna Meares makes a break.

Cat and mouse in men's sprint

The center of the velodrome was always humming with activity.

View from the press gallery

Table tennis!

Tense times in table tennis audience

A break for father's day on the beach, with Claudia, Sonia and Firmino

Packed stadium for the athletics

Start of men's 400

Van Niekirk breaks world record in lane 8.

Dibaba win's women's 1500 semifinal.

Women's 400 semifinal

Usain Bolt takes the gold in 100m.

Usain does his thing.

I do Usain's thing.

Usain again


Mitchell Starc's brother in the high jump!

Olympic ticket collection!

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