From the Carolina Metaphysics Workshop at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, North Carolina, June 25-28, 2012.

Hot tub session: Shieva Kleinschmidt presents

Peter van Inwagen comments

Kelly Trogdon and Meghan Sullivan

Jon Simon, Elizabeth Harman, Dan Korman, Daniel Nolan, Jennifer Wang and Kris McDaniel

Dave Sobel and Jonathan Schaffer


David Manley and Alexis Burgess

Boris Kment


Ready to kayak: Laurie Paul and Susanna Siegel

Ned Markosian and Laurie Paul

Delia Graff Fara

Gill Russell, Susanna Schellenberg, Rachael Briggs

David Manley and Liz Harman

Steffi Lewis, Shamik Dasgupta and Karen Lewis

Rachael in action

Dan Korman and Bertrand Russell

Janice Dowell and Mike Bertrand, thinking

Shieva and Peter

Thomas Hofweber, Dave Baker, Gillian Russell, Ned Hall, Ted Sider

Susanna and Ezra

Clarissa and Delia

Karen, Jennifer, Susanna, Sara, Shieva

Elizabeth Barnes in action

Unimpressed: Kelly Trogdon, Gill Russell, Dave Baker and Daniel Nolan

Raul the cartographer

Clarissa and Polly

Polly and Ted

Clarissa and Jill

Shieva and Sara explore modal space

Dana Goswick

Dan and Shieva

Jon Simon and Tuomas Tahko

Clarissa and Mike

Barb and Galen Hall

Jennifer, Karen and Meghan

Christian Loew and Ned Hall

Geoff Lee and Kelly Trogdon

Laurie and Shamik

Gill Russell and Craig Warmke

With Dan and Kenny

Alexis and Clarissa

Gill and Meghan

Mike, Tuomas and Raul

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