Pics from the second Brockman conference on "Possible Minds", at Winvian Farm in Connecticut on September 8-9, 2018.

John Brockman, Freeman Dyson, Stephen Wolfram

Caroline A. Jones, Stephen Wolfram

Robert Axelrod, Rodney Brooks

Duet at the music apartment

My treehouse apartment

John Brockman, Robert Axelrod, George Dyson

John Brockman, Alison Gopnik, George Dyson

Seth Lloyd, Robert Axelrod

Tom Griffiths, George Dyson

Frank Wilczek, George Dyson, Freeman Dyson

Danny Hillis, Neil Gershenfeld, Frank Wilczek, Rodney Brooks, Ian Mcewan

Peter Galison, John Brockman, Ian Mcewan, Alison Gopnik

Danny Hillis, Neil Gershenfeld, Frank Wilczek, David Chalmers, Robert Axelrod, Tom Griffiths, Caroline A. Jones, Peter Galison, Alison Gopnik, John Brockman, George Dyson, Freeman Dyson, Seth Lloyd, Rodney Brooks, Stephen Wolfram, Ian Mcewan

Frank Wilczek, Robert Axelrod, Caroline A. Jones

Dyson boys

George Dyson, John Brockman, Freeman Dyson

Neil Gershenfeld, Alison Gopnik

Katinka Matson, John Brockman

Rodney Brooks, Alison Gopnik, Neil Gershenfeld

Stephen Wolfram, Frank Wilczek

Stephen Wolfram, Frank Wilczek, Seth Lloyd

George Dyson

Peter Galison

Macy conference book

Caroline A. Jones, John Brockman, Seth Lloyd, Freeman Dyson, Frank Wilczek

Danny Hillis, Ian Mcewan

Danny Hillis

Stephen Wolfram

George Dyson

Alison Gopnik

Road trip back to nyc

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