From a conference on Probabilityat ANU on March 2-4, 2006, followed by an informal workshop at Kioloa Beach.

Jeanne Peijnenburg offering David Atkinson a Dutch book

Probabilists in Fellows' Garden

Weng Hong Tan and Al Hájek

Darren Bradley and Andy Egan

Andrew Robinson and Jason Grossman

Brad Armendt, Gary Malinas, Mark Colyvan, Jim Joyce

Renee Hájek and Jenann Ismael

Christoph Fehige and Lina Eriksson

Adam Elga, Branden Fitelson, Mark Colyvan

Conference dinner: Andy, Lina, me, Al, Brad, Jim, Adam, Mark, Darren, Branden

Bob Meyer

Carl Brusse

Di and June Crosse

Al and Tilly

David Bourget and Jens Christian Bjerring on the existence of God

Mike Smithson and Erik Nyberg

Darren, Erik, Lina

Al, Brad et al

Tilly and Renee

Kioloa kangaroos

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