Photos from a conference on philosophical progress at Harvard University on September 16-17, 2011

Deans' session: Dick Foley and Rich Feldman (Frank Jackson chairing)

Overflow crowd

Peter Ludlow and Harvey Cormier

Jason Stanley in action

Alex Byrne, Carole Hooven, Griffin Byrne, Rae Langton

Peter Ludlow, Jessica Wilson, Christina Van Dyke and Benj Hellie

Susanna Siegel, Carlin Romano, and Jason Stanley

Jennifer Nagel

Rae Langton

Sheridan Hough and Christian Coseru

Jennifer Nagel and Peter Ludlow

Alison Simmons and Paolo Santorio

Daniel Stoljar and Alex Byrne

Louis Menand and Susanna Siegel

Bob Pasnau and John Bengson

Carlin Romano and Jason Stanley continue their debate

Mark Richard, Susanna and Jason

Lisa Rivera and Nancy Bauer

Mark Richard and Daniel Stoljar

Philip Pettit and Frank Jackson

Superbike: Susanna, Peter and Daniel

Farid Masrour

Carlin Romano, Nancy Bauer, Sylvain Bromberger

Selim Berker, Dan Greco, and Christopher Robichaud

Jessica, Susanna and Christina

Frank and Philip

Selim Berker on John Bengson

Benj Hellie

Benj and Jessica

Daniel Stoljar

Daniel looking comfortable

Final panel: With Jennifer Nagel, Peter Ludlow and Philip Pettit

Peter Ludlow, Sheridan Hough, Christian Coseru

Carlin Romano loves Tony Cheng's t-shirt

Rylean ancestor points to ghost in the machine and perfect actor

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