Workshop on the combination problem for panpsychism, on Lady Elliot Island July 20-25, 2012.

Lady Elliot Island from the plane (note airstrip across the middle)

Opening session: Keith Turausky, Jon Simon, Неdda Мørсh, Philip Goff, Gregg Rosenberg, Liane Gabora, Michelle Montague, Sam Coleman, Geoff Lee, Pat Lewtas, Brentyn Ramm and Galen Strawson

Emma Bullock and Geoff Lee

Sam and Galen

Jon and Geoff

Jon Simon and Liane

Sam in repose

Ready for scuba training!

Trainee divers: Jon, Liane, Geoff, Keith, Philip

Philip and Keith


Liane and Michelle

Jon and Galen

Sam, Michelle and Неdda

Неdda and Sam

Michelle and Galen

Gregg and Kasia Rosenberg

Неdda, Philip and Geoff


Galen, Pat and Brentyn

Geoff, Jon, and Galen

Philip is in direct contact with the cup



Keith gets sorted out underwater


Underwater with Geoff

A moray eel

Gregg and Kasia

Michelle and Pat

Неdda falsifies the causal theory of mental combination

I never really figured out the underwater camera

Wrap-up session

Group pic: Making the international sign for panpsychism

Plane to Bundaberg

Bundaberg airport has free internet

Back in Canberra

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