From the Perception and Concepts conference at the University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 16-18 May 2013.

Pepa Toribio and Andy Clark

Andy and Rob Goldstone

Ruth Millikan

Alva Noë

Diane Pecher and Anya Farennikova

Marcin Miłkowski

Steven Gross and Alva Noë

Pår Sundström and YY

Steven Gross and Anya Farennikova

Pepa Toribio

Andy Clark

Andy and Pepa

Bill Robinson

Fiona Macpherson

Andy and Pepa

With Pär

Jake Beck and James Genone

Jessie Munton, Zoe Jenkin and Jesse Prinz

Alva, Andy and Pepa

With Andy

Edouard Machery

Jesse and Edouard

Michael Devitt

With Andy and Alva


Andy and Alva

Jesse Prinz

James Genone and Casey O'Callaghan

Cressida Gaukroger and Benjamin Young

Merve Rümeysa Tapınç and Jake Beck

Tierney Farrell and Vincent Abruzzo

John Protevi and Tony Cheng's famous T-shirt

Ruth Millikan and Kathleen Akins

James Genone and Eli Shupe

Post-conference Riga haircut

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