From a meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology in Savannah, Georgia March 22-24, 2017

Claudia on infants' sense of agency. With Frederique De Vignemont

Sruthi Rothenfluch, Caroline A. Mobley, Frederique and Claudia

Frederique and Bence Nanay

Aaron Henry and XX

Dimitria Gatzia and Claudia


Amy Kind and Robert Briscoe

XX and XX


Claudia, Amy, Robert, XX, Derek Ball, Frederique, Bence, Dimitria

Robert (XX?), Frederique, Bence, Derek, Dimitria, Amy, XX and Claudia

Bence and Derek

Frederique de Vignemont

Grace Helton on doxastic theories of perception

Russellian monism showdown: ponens vs. tollens. With Robert Howell, Amy Kind and Torin Alter

Multiple realizability debate: Mazviita Chirimuuta and Tom Polger

Russellian monism lunch with Claudia, Torin Alter, Benji Kozuch, Robert Howell and Brentyn Ramm

With Cliff Sosis and his fine shoes

Molly Gardner, Clifford Sosis and Cheryl Abbate

John Bickle and Marica Bernstein




Jacob Berger and Robert Howell (and XX)


Sarah Robins

Star of the conference

Corey Maley, Sarah Robins and Joanna Smolenski

Torin Alter and Jennifer Matey

Dinner at The Pink House with Magdalena Balcerak Jackson, Claudia and XX

With the singer at The Pink House


Square in Savannah

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