From a conference on Self-Representational Approaches to Consciousness held at the University of Arizona on March 18-20, 2005.

Amie Thomasson and Ken Williford, doing the Brentano

Terry Horgan, doing the Brentano, with Uriah Kriegel

Justin Fisher and Mike Bruno, doing the HOT

Keith Lehrer and Joe Levine

Gil Harman in action

Victor Caston and Chris Hill

Rocco Gennaro and Bob van Gulick

Jennifer Matey and Orlin Vakarelov

Keith Lehrer and Leopold Stubenberg

Bernie Kobes and Joe Levine

Ken Williford and Uriah Kriegel

Farid Masrour and Chris Hill

Deep in thought: Sarah, Amie, Susanna, Terry, Chris, Bob

Amie, Leopold, Gil, Keith

Susanna Siegel and Laurie Paul

Aoife and Kieran Healy

With cactus

Many more pictures from the conference are here and here.

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