From the World Congress of Philosophy in Seoul, July 30 to August 6, 2008.

Scott Soames and XX

Philosophy of language: Yu Izumi and Sun-Joo Shin

Comparative philosophy: Debating Mulla Sadra and Leibniz

Comparative philosophy: Debating Schopenhauer and Sankara

Plenary Session: Bertrand Saint-Sernin

Philosophers from Patna

Chan-Sup Chung and Sang Chul Chong

Peter Ludlow and Liva Muizniece

Experience gallery

Jason Stanley and Herman Cappelen

Ernie Lepore

AG*2: Alvin Goldman and Allan Gibbard

Ifeanyi Menkiti

Herman liveblogging Ludlow liveblogging Susanna's shoes

Alexandru Marcoci and Diana Popescu

Hwan Sunwoo, Bosuk Yoon, Sangkyu Shin

Tamar Gendler and Tim O'Connor

With Tim, Susanna, Jason, Tamar, Zoltan

Woojin Han and Kihyeon Kim

Judy and Brian McLaughlin

With Daihyun Chung

Jason and Scott

Nam-In Lee and Dermot Moran

Bharathi Thummapudi and Oliva Blanchette

Tim and Lucy Scanlon

Banquet audience

Korean singing

Korean drumming

Harald Lemke and YY

Vittorio Hosle and XX

Al Hájek, Stuart Brock, Fred Kroon

Chris Gauker and Yoon XX

Jazz at the Blue Moon

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