From a workshop on "Idealism and the Mind-Body Problem: at NYU Shanghai, June 2017

Rob Long's idealism meme.

Opening talk

Andrew Lee asks a question

Ferry across the Huangpu river: Claudia, Michelle Montague, Philip Goff, Adam Lovett

Rob Long, Helen Yetter-Chappell, He Jing, Неdda Мørсh

Barry Dainton and Daniel Stoljar

Group photo on the Huangpu

Claudia and Miri with the Pudong skyline

With Daniel

Barry Dainton

Itay Shani

Bernardo Kastrup

Barry comments


Mika gives a talk

Galen's Mexican hat model of consciousness

Comments from Daniel

Helen Yetter-Chappell on nonreductive idealism

Elian and Richard

At the Jing-an temple.

Rob and Alma

Shanghainese dinner at Fu 1038

Jing and Feng

Jenny and Rob

Claudia, Jon Simon and Howard Robinson

Rob, Daniel, Erick and Barry

Idealist jenga with Andrew, Rob and Alma

Deconstructing the world

Jon and Rob

Wave-function collapses

Jenny and Rob

Team ANU ponders jenga

This was actually my fault.

Bronwyn, Mika, Koji, and Claudia

Miri Albahari on Perennial idealism

Bronwyn Finnigan on Yogacara idealism

Miri and Bronwyn

Bernardo and Jon

At the local North Korean joint: With Claudia, Andrew, Miri and Bernardo

Bernardo and Miri


Mika modifies her position.

Itay idealizes.

Koji, Bronwyn and Mika

With Galen


Galen and Michelle

With Galen

Claudia on the bund

Galen and Mexican hat

Howard Robinson comments on Michael Pelczar

Philip's elevator fruit

Goff on Nagel


Galen and Howard

Conference dinner on top of Shanghai's second-tallest building (with the top of #3 just outside the window).

Helen, Elian, and Michelle

Itay and Jon

Howard, Michael, Anna and Bernardo

Adam and Andrew

Jing, Неdda, Alma and Rob

Epiphenomenalist power triple

Michelle, Michael and Bernardo

NYU grad spheres

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