From a workshop on "Finding Space" at NYU Paris and the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris on June 25-27, 2015

Alyssa Ney, Brad Thompson and Farid Masrour

Jonathan Vogel

Tim Maudlin and Clare Mac Cumhaill

Vishnya Maudlin and Orna Panfil

Tim and Vishnya

Seth Yalcin

Jonathan, Alyssa, Brad and Farid

Claudia and Orna

Notre Dame

Tim Maudlin and David Albert

David and Farid


Andrew Lee and Jeremy Goodman

Seth Yalcin and Geoff Lee

David Bennettt, Farid Masrour and Francois Recanati

Chris Peacocke

Nicod Gardens: With Valeria Giardino, Frederique De Vignemont, Francois Recanati, Jerome Dokic and Margherita Arcangeli

Group photo

Kelvin McQueen and David Albert

Tim and Jonathan

Alyssa Ney, David Bennett and Clare Mac Cumhaill

Farid, Tim, Vishnya and David

Pompidou Center


Farid, Kelvin, Brad, Geoff, Seth and Claudia

Seth, Geoff, Jonathan

Chris Peacocke and Terry

Davids A, B, and C

Jerome Dokic and Margherita Arcangeli

Brad Thompson

Terry and Seth Yalcin

Kelvin and Eiffel Tower

Down escalator

Claudia and Brad