From the SPAWN conference on consciousness in Syracuse, July 28-30, 2005.

Ned Block performing neural reduction on Alva Noë

Brie Gertler and Bill Lycan advocating the "inner" and "outer" views

Murat Aydede and Fred Dretske advocating information theory

Farid Masrour and Evan Thompson doing the international symbol for transcendental idealism

Benj Hellie and red sense-datum

Amy Kind being weakly transparent

Joe Levine and Susanna Siegel

Brad Thompson and Tim Bayne

Earl Conee, Ishani Maitra, Brian Weatherson

Bob van Gulick, Alex Byrne, Charles Siewert

Blue boys: Jesse Prinz and Michael Tye

Fiona Macpherson and Alex Byrne

John Kulvicki, David Rosenthal, Farid Masrour

Uriah Kriegel, José Bermúdez, Sydney Shoemaker


Bill Lycan and Jesse Prinz

Ned Block and Charles Siewert

Andre Gallois and John Campbell

Sydney Shoemaker and David Rosenthal

Uriah Kriegel, Brad Thompson, Tim Bayne

Joelle Proust and Fred Dretske

Rocco Gennaro and Uriah Kriegel

Bernie Kobes and Torin Alter

With Zoe Olivia Siegelnickel

See also conference slideshows by Murat Aydede and Bob van Gulick.

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