From the SPAWN conference on perception in Syracuse, August 16-18, 2008.

Mike Martin and Bill Brewer

Paul Snowdon and Mark Brown

Matt Kennedy and Fred Dretske

Scott Sturgeon and Frankie Egan

Sleeping SPAWNers

Susanna Schellenberg and Chris Hill

Bence Nanay and Wayne Wu

Adam Pautz, Benj Hellie, Nico Silins, Geoff Lee, John Morrison

Fred Dretske and David Sanford

Alex Byrne and Janet Levin

Susanna Siegel and Charles Travis

Jesse Prinz and audience

The Rutgers Egans: Andy and Frankie

John Morrison and Cheryl Chen

Fiona Macpherson and Mike Martin

Chris Hill and Brian McLaughlin

Charles Travis and Jerome Dokic

Brad Thompson and Jonathan Cohen

Mohan Matthen speaking after dinner


Scott Sturgeon and Susanna Schellenberg

Sean Kelly and Mike Martin

Dr. Robert, with Miracle Fruit Tablets

Miracle lemons: Susanna, Mike, Cheryl

Miracle limes: Susanna, Andy

Miracle strawberries: Benj, Brad, et al

Mohan with Miracle Tabasco

Susanna and Scott

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