From a conference on Ordinary Language, Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, 23-25 June, 2011.

Yuri Cath and Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Jason Stanley and Stephen Neale

Ángel Pinillos, Inga Vermeulen and Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

Bernhard Nickel and Jessica Brown

Anders Schoubye and Andreas Stokke

Josh Dever, Bernhard Nickel, Ephraim Glick

Paolo Santorio, Kate Ritchie and Jennifer Carr

Paolo and Jennifer

Bob Stalnaker

Herman Cappelen and Josh Dever

Baby meet-cute! Nora and Nyaya with Herman, Brian, Ishani, and Manuel

Brian and Ishani


Brian and Ishani

Jason and Zoltan

Claudia Passos and John Keller

Inga Vermeulen and Vivianne Figueiredo

Stephen Neale, Nick Hughes, Jessica Brown


Jennifer and Paolo

David Plunkett and Sally Parker-Ryan

Margot Strohminger and Ángel Pinillos

Margot and Jennifer Wang

With Manuel, Bob and Inga

Stephen Neale and Bob Stalnaker

Jonathan Ichikawa

Kate Ritchie

Andrea Onofri, Margot Strohminger, Nick Hughes

With Josh Dever, Carlotta Pavese, Vivianne Figuerado

With Jason and Carlotta

Dilip Ninan and Jason

Ángel, Bob and Jason

Zoltan and Jason

Kat and Kate


Stephen and Jason

Derek Ball and Kat Fox

Herman (with Nora), Jason and Kate

Manuel García-Carpintero and Bernhard Nickel

Stephen and Herman

Vivianne with Nora

Rachel, Nora, Vivianne

Herman and Nora

Nora, Herman, Stephen

Herman and Nora

Stephen and Zoltan


With Sarah Lohmann

Bob and Zoltan

David Plunkett and Robin Jeshion

Ups and downs

Foz Meadows and Elle Benjamin

Karaoke: Sarah Lohmann, Elspeth Gillespie, Kat Fox and Dustin Frazier

John, Joe Slater, Sarah, Derek

Jennifer and Carlotta

Nathan, Kat, John, Derek

"Imagine there's no consciousness""

"Imagine all the zombies"

With Andy Clark

Alexa Morcom and Andy Clark

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