From a workshop on structural realism and the metaphysics of science held at Rutgers University in May 2017.

Cian Dorr

Cian Dorr, Eddy Chen, Isaac Wilhelm and David Wallace.

Alyssa Ney and Valia Allori

Valia and David Albert

Ted Sider

Eddy Chen, Ted Sider, Hannes Leitgeb and Mark Balaguer

Cian Dorr, Trevor Teitel, James Ladyman and Shelly Goldstein

Eddy Chen, Michaela McSweeney, Marco Dees and Dean Zimmerman

David and Dean

Mark Johnston's hand and Chris Hauser

Mark and James

Valia Allori and Jo Wolff

Daniel Rubio and XX

Noel Swanson and Zee Perry

Janelle Derstine and Dean Zimmerman

Simon Saunders via Skype

Hannes Leitgeb

Laurenz Hudetz and Hannes

Vera Matarese

Ned Hall, Barry Loewer and Shelly Goldstein

With Vishnya Maudlin

Ned Hall and Tim Maudlin

James Ladyman and Bixin Guo

David, Vishnya and Tim

Valia Allori and David Albert

Alyssa Nee and Christina Conroy

Jill North and Michaela McSweeney

Ned and Eddy

Barry and Marco

Ted and Cian

James and Eddy

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