Mountain metaphysics in Idaho

Driving to Sun Valley with Steve Crowley

Beginner ski lessons: With Alex Jackson, Amy Seymour and Shieva Kleinschmidt

Alex contemplates the slope

Amy and Shieva

Full of confidence before skiing anywhere

Getting serious

Andrew Bacon and Shieva Kleinschmidt

Shieva and Andrew

Carla Merino on Alyssa Ney on fundamentality, with David Sanson

Alyssa on fundamentality and physics

Nina Emery on why laws ground their instances

Kate Ritchie on the metaphysics of social groups

Talk for the public at local library

Poster for library talk

Sara Bernstein and Shieva

John and Lorraine Keller with Izzy

Cian Dorr and David Kovacs

Matt Duncan, Jack Spencer, Nina Emery and Scott Dixon

Amy and Steve

David and Sara

Amy, Daniel Nolan and Carla

With David Pitt

Paul Hovda, Mike Raven, Louis DeRosset, Michaela McSweeney and Cody Gilmore

Andrew and Jack

Phone wars with Steve Crowley (fun fact: Facebook's AI tagging algorithm misidentifies this as a pic of a selfie)

Dan Korman's after-dinner talk on experimental metaphysics

Nina has a question

Izzy is unimpressed. With John Keller

Kent Mussell and Michaela McSweeney

Davids, Cody, and John

Mike, Alex and Louis

Paul Hovda

Andrew Cortens and Dan Korman

Dan Giberman and Cian Dorr

Remembered to use sunscreen second time around.

A little banged-up after second skiing expedition

Louis and Michael

David Kovacs and Dan Giberman

Louis, Kate and Nick Kroll

Shieva and Sara

Izzy and John

Neil and I take on Carla and Cian at shuffleboard.


Jack, Carla, Cian and Nina

Carla, Nina and Jack

Marcello Fiocco


Sun Valley

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