Superhero party chez Dan, Jo, and Steph, July 24, 2010

Catwoman meets Danger Mouse

Hit Girl takes out the Wheelchair Villain

Green Lantern

Fictional characters meet action philosophers

Venetian and Rainbow Brite

Space Cop and Super Mario

Indiana Jones

Super Irrigator

Danatello, the Mutant Ninja Turtle

Clark Kent

Wheelchair Villain

Superhearing and XX

YY and Renaissance Man

Invisible costumes

Supercowboy and SuperRalph, et al

Green Lantern meets his depiction

Tobias Wilsch and Kirsty Pat Douglas

Undetached banana/pajama parts

Superpurple and supergreen

Moose Man and Astghik

Superwarm, Superjonathan, Super Ribena Girl

Jo, Clas, and Astghik

Stephanie Collins and Stephan Kubicki

Carl Brusse, Ole Koksvik and Jo Lau

With Kirsty, Carl, and Jo

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