From a workshop on Time and Consciousness, held at Tusculum in Sydney on July 22-23, 2006.

Richard Healey and Jenann Ismael

Huw Price and Craig Callender

Doug Kutach and David Braddon-Mitchell

Greg O'Hair and Jordi Fernandez

Tim Bayne and Leon Leontyev

Hilary Greaves, Jonathan Schaffer, Mike Titelbaum

With Uriah Kriegel and Huw Price

Matthias Frisch, XX, Steve Weinstein

Peter Farleigh and Brad Weslake

Alex Livingston, Simon Haines, XX

Mike Bruno, Cei Maslen, Jake Beck

With Barry Dainton

Alex Byrne

Sally Parker Ryan and Philippe Chuard

Luca Moretti at the pie cart

Ben Blumson and David Bourget

Einstein on conceivability

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