Photos from the twentieth anniversary Toward a Science of Consciousness conference, in Tucson in April 2014

Sgt Pepper conference poster (the walrus was Paul)

Roger Penrose's pre-conference talk

Dinner with the Russians: Dmitry Volkov, Anton Kuznetzov, Artem Besedin

Opening session

Selfie with Dan

Don Hoffman on the hard problem

Deepak in the house

Michael Graziano and friend

Penrose on physics and consciousness

John Searle on the mind-body problem

Deepak Chopra, Rebecca Goldstein, John Searle solve all the problems

Keith Turausky on panpsychism

Tonietta Walters and Stuart Hameroff

Heather Berlin and Hannah

Kristen Corman and Peter Lloyd

David Eagleman and Anya Farennikova

Bob Kentridge and Nico Silins

With Christian Coseru, Sheridan Hough and Nico Silins

Karl Deisseroth, Henry Markram, Bernie Baars on brain networks

Henry Markram, Don Dulany, Roman Yampolskiy, Johan Storm

Stuart Hameroff, Julia Mossbridge and David Eagleman

Hannah asserts her consciousness

Impromptu Sgt Peppers

Petra Stoerig on qualia

John the Baptist and the Messiah

Quantum showdown: Stuart Hameroff offers Max Tegmark an olive branch: "Retract your paper, then we'll talk"

Max's three-handed quantum superposition

Eric the zombie slayer

Russians investigating american history

Poster session mise en scene

Rafal Rzepka

Collapsing the wave function

Brentyn Ramm being reliable

Dorian on Searle, Koch, Tononi


Bob van Gulick with some Tucson poetry

Nico Silins in the house

Vanda and Craig on the evolution of consciousness

Sky and Vanda imagining zombies

Baba on John Searle in the rap room, following the rules of rap without understanding rap

Dorian Electra on "What Mary didn't know"

Audience vote is too close to call: Four co-winners of the poetry slam: Dorian Electra, Michael Nordberg, Sky Nelson and Vanda Mikoloski, Baba Brinkman

Ken Hayworth and Stu on mind uploading

Natasha Vita-More on substrate-diverse persons by design

Sue Blackmore in the final panel

Final panel: Stu, Bill, Randy, Bob, Sue, Jonathan

Abi and Amna

End of Consciousness party

Jason Canfield and Nick Day

Brentyn Ramm

Latasha Day

Daniel Howell and Stephen Whitmarsh

XX and Latasha

Sascha Seifert

Kenneth Williford and Josh Weisberg

Gates Pass

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