Photos from Toward a Science of Unconsciousness 2016, held in Tucson in April 2016.

Three roads to consciousness: Global workspace (Stan Dehaene), predictive coding (Anil Seth), and orchestrated reduction (Stuart Hameroff)

Andrew Lee on the introspectoscope

Pradeep Mutalik

Deepak Chopra

Claudia on whether newborns experience the phenomenology of agency

Henry Kong

Biofeedback Art Exhibit

David Pitt and Claudia

Panel on free will and neural timing

Kelvin McQueen

Rob Long asking a question

The Science of Unconsciousness

Three wavefunction collapsers

Terry Deacon

Mihretu Guta

Неdda Мørсh

Andrew and Неdda

John Horgan looks back

Dorian Electra and Nicolai Cranium

Claudia and James Dow

Czarina Salido and Alaric Weber

Baba Brinkman opens the Poetry Slam

Norwegian rope magic meets the Poetry Slam

Latasha Monique Lorraine Day

Kyla Hoffbauer

Benji Kozuch

Rob Long (coauthored with Неdda Мørсh) on the panpsychist zombie blues

Zombie Blues intro: Toward a Science of Unconsciousness

Alison Gopnik

George Mashour, Alison Gopnik, Martin Monti, and Robin Carhart-Harris

Crystal L'Hote, Неdda Мørсh and Andrew Lee

Anand Rangarajan and John Horgan

Kelvin McQueen and Alyssa Ney

Tam Hunt and Jonathan Schooler

Birthday card with pink hair extensions from Paavo's kids

Baba Brinkman's conference rap-up

In the Deepak Dreamweaver Zone

Nick Day and Katherine Peil

With Stuart Kauffman

Stuart and Kelvin

Dorian Electra and the Electrodes

Brain in a vat

Dorian Electra

Rationalist vs. empiricist showdown

Dorian and Claudia

Claudia and Andrew

Andrew Lee

Claudia and Elisabeth Norman

Hospitality Suite mise-en-scene

Dorian Electra and Luke McGowan

Kelvin, Tam and Keith

Elisabeth Norman and Matti Vuorre

Session on reality with Deepak Chopra

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