Photos from Tucson 2006, the seventh Tucson "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, from April 4-8, 2006.

Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Ralph Freeman, Walter Freeman, Hakwan Lau

Dream debate: Allan Hobson and Mark Solms

Self-Representation: Uriah Kriegel, David Rosenthal, Bob van Gulick

Virtual Reality: Paavo Pylkannen, Steve Lehar, Maria Sanchez-Vives

Paul Davies

John Searle

Temple Grandin

Stephen LaBerge and Charley Tart

With Doug Hofstadter

Bill Robinson, Steve Horst, Nick Georgalis

Poster session

Iris Oved on perceptual qualia

Jose Monserrat's poster on imagination

Valerie Stansfield with survey results

Keith Turausky, Jennifer Caldwell, and the anti-Matrix

Arguing zombies with Kristin Schaupp

Kevin Vallier's Chalmers-Searle poster, with proponents

Maurizio Benazzo, film crew, and Peng Chien's poster

Elif Savas and Brian Felsen

Angie and Steven Harris

Joseph Tolliver and Tobias Schlicht

David Rosenthal and Noam Sagiv at the Desert Museum

Doug Hofstadter and Sue Blackmore

Allan and Julie Combs

Brie Gertler and David Pitt

Meehan Crist and Hakwan Lau

Poetry Slam: Melanie Boly on cello

Allan Hobson at the Poetry Slam

Stuart Hameroff with winner Charles Fox and finalists

Zombie Blues

See also pictures from the 2006 End of Consciousness Party.

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