Pics from a workshop on "Chalmers and Carnap on Metaphilosophy" and the Vienna Circle lecture, in Vienna June 18-19, 2018.

David Chalmers, Sophia Aha, Barbara K. Leporo, Elizabeth Cantalopemass

Barbara K. Leporo, Sophia Aha

Invisible hoverboard?

With the next-generation vienna circle

A slide on "the extended mind" as putative conceptual engineering

Elizabeth on the conceptual engineering of disability

Mirela on conceptual evaluation

Till on a priori scrutability

Tom on intensions and intuitions

Farbod and quentin on philosophical progress

Quentin Pharrr, Farbod Akhlaghi-Ghaffarokh

Tomek Wysocki

Anu reunion!

Mirela Fuš, Sophia Aha, Anand Jayprakash Vaidya

Till Gallasch, Elizabeth Cantalopemass

Mirela Fuš, Barbara K. Leporo

Farbod Akhlaghi-Ghaffarokh, David Chalmers

Till Gallasch

Allie Richards

Barbara K. Leporo

Elizabeth Cantalopemass, Victoria Lavorerio, Barbara K. Leporo

Sophia Aha

Allie Richards

Christoph leads a vienna circle tour

Sophia Aha

Barbara K. Leporo, Sophia Aha, Mirela Fuš, Tomek Wysocki, Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau

Clotilde Torregrossa, Till Gallasch, Farbod Akhlaghi-Ghaffarokh

David Chalmers

Boltzmann cafe

Introduction by friedrich stadler, director of the vienna circle institute

Vienna circle lectures

Till Gallasch, Tomek Wysocki, Barbara K. Leporo, Friedrich Stadler, Elizabeth Cantalopemass, Victoria Lavorerio, Sophia Aha, Mirela Fuš, David Chalmers, Claudia Passos

Anand Jayprakash Vaidya, Claudia Passos

Michael Schmitz, Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau, Friedrich Stadler, David Chalmers, Sophia Aha, Claudia Passos, Dejan Makovec

Sophia Aha, Michael Schmitz

Elizabeth Cantalopemass, Till Gallasch, Claudia Passos

Till Gallasch, Sophia Aha, Claudia Passos, Elizabeth Cantalopemass

David Chalmers, Till Gallasch

Charlie's angels i

Charlie's angels ii

Charlie's angels iii

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